Sexual inviolability of minors


Sexual inviolability of a person is an integral part of the constitutional and legal status of an individual; it is established, protected and guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Speaking of sexual inviolability, they mean the sexual inviolability of minors, their normal sexual healthy development, normal physical and moral and moral development, by which they mean only the right of minors.

Sexual intercourse or other actions of a sexual nature with a person under the age of sixteen on the part of adults (both men and women) are subject to criminal liability under Article 122 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are punished by restraint of liberty for a period of up to five years, or imprisonment freedom for the same period. I would also like to note that, in accordance with the regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, persons suspected of this article are registered with the Department of Internal Affairs, which in the future practically “crosses out” the fate of young people who subsequently will not be able to take public positions , serve in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as they will be considered prosecuted.

By being around a child or teenager, you can help prevent violence and sexual assault. Violence can be avoided, but for this it is impossible to remember the “Rule of Five”

The “rule of five” is not allowed:

You cannot communicate with strangers on social networks.

You cannot go with them into the staircase and the elevator.

You can’t get into someone else’s car.

You cannot accept gifts from strangers and agree to their offer to go to their home or anywhere else.

You cannot linger on the street alone, especially after dark.


The social educator and psychologist of the college developed recommendations and reminders for teachers and parents.



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